iPhone 4S Doubles Data Consumption: Study – Huffington Post

Apple’s new iPhone 4S consumes on average twice as much data as the previous iPhone model and even more than iPad tablets due to increasing use of online services like the virtual personal assistant Siri, an industry study showed.

When Apple rolled out the iPhone 4S in October, its small improvements disappointed many analysts and reviewers, but consumer demand for the device has been strong, and buyers have extensively used their devices.

IPhone 4S users transfer on average three times more data than users of the older iPhone 3G model which was used as the benchmark in a study by telecom network technology firm Arieso.


What’s the Future of Tabs After Apple Had Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Banned in Australia and Europe on Patent Infringement?

Apple's iPad2 (left and center) and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 (right)

Now that Apple has successfully forced Samsung to withdraw its Galaxy Tab 10.1 from both the Australian and European markets we have to ask, what next for the tablet market? In Australia, Apple used its arsenal of patents to get the tablet withdrawn from sale, whereas in Europe it used design rights to argue that the Galaxy Tab looked too similar to the iPad.
Samsung must now be wondering what to do with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Patents experts question whether it’seven possible for the tablet to be reworked to avoid infringing Apple’’s overly broad patents and still be a desirable device. One of Apple’s key patents is on ‘list scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display’, without which it would be difficult to make a tablet that meets the expectations of its users.

Design experts too must now be wondering if it’s possible to create a tablet that doesn’t look so similar to an iPad that it will fall foul of the same design rights that Apple used against Samsung in the German courts.

Google Accuses Rivals of Ganging Up, Resorting to Unfair Tactics – The Wall Street Journal

Google Inc. accused rivals Oracle Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. of waging an “organized, hostile campaign” against the Internet search giant’s Android mobile phone software, using questionable patents.

“They want to make it harder for manufacturers to sell Android devices,” Google Chief Legal Officer David Drummond wrote on a company website. “Instead of competing by building new features or devices, they are fighting through litigation.”

The campaign against Android is being waged “through bogus patents,” Mr. Drummond wrote, adding that “Microsoft and Apple have always been at each other’s throats, so when they get into bed together you have to start wondering what’s going on.”